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" Terve Kaino. Mitä kuuluu? Terve. Ihan hyvää, kiitos."

Translation:– Hello Kaino. How are you? – Hello. Pretty well, thank you.

July 17, 2020



It didn't accept "Hello, Kaino. How's it going? Hello. Pretty well, thanks". I don't know if it was rejecting "How's it going?" or "thanks", but either way it should probably have been accepted. Reported.


Ooh, ihan hyvää is new.

I'm curious, is ihan hyvää the same as melko hyvää/hyvin or does that sound weird?


I suggested 'How's it going?' as an alternative colloquial translation and 'quite well' should also be accepted. Both of these would be used in normal greetings in Britain.


"Pretty well" would be more natural in response to the question "how are you doing?". "Pretty good" would be better for "how are you" . So i guess "Mitä kuuluu" would be better translated as " how are you doing" in order better to match the adverbial response "pretty well".


I had understood that hyvä was good and hyvin was well. Are they interchangeable after all?


You ought to take out of context translations of individual words with a grain of salt, because usage and meaning of words tend to depend quite a bit on context, and their semantic meanings don't always match the meaning of translations that are made with context in mind. The difference between "hyvä" and "hyvin" is that "hyvä" is an adjective whereas "hyvin" is an adverb, which means that they are not interchangeable.


I see you on so many threads dropping knowledge. Kiitos and Lingot'd


Grr, once i was given


Once i was given hello, I translated it Hei. Wrong, they wanted Terve. This time I try terve.. wrong again they want hello. If Duo is so inconsistent what are we supposed to do?


I guess we're supposed to double check our answer is not incorrect in some other way, then if we're confident it looks right submit it as "my answer should be accepted", to catch missed translation options. A lot of the complaints about missing translations have been fixed from what I've seen, so patience is called for, and every miss that gets caught makes the course better for future learners


Would "what is up" works in this context? The meaning seems to be closer to this than "how are you".

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