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  5. "Onko teillä myös pirtelöä?"

"Onko teillä myös pirtelöä?"

Translation:Do you also have some milkshake?

July 17, 2020



The English here sounds... incredibly unnatural. I understand that you all are trying to emphasize the Partitive here, but 'milkshake' is a very unfortunate choice of example because it is used as if it comes in countable units most of the time. When it is not, I believe it sounds most natural to pair it with "some of [article / determiner / possessive adjective]" i.e. "some of that milkshake" or "some of your milkshake".

I don't want to submit an error report without first seeing if my intuition in this is correct or not. What do others think?


Several people have expressed a similar sentiment about sentences that include the word "milkshake" as this course often seems to treat it like a mass noun, which may be because its Finnish equivalent is a mass noun. However, "milkshake" is generally countable, i.e. not a mass noun.


Agree, "some milkshake" is not a good translation. Should be "Do you also have a milkshake or milkshakes", because "some milkshake" implies "some sort of milkshake", and not an unknown quantity of milkshake, which is what they mean here, I am assuming.


I hear it as "some milkshake left in your cup" as in, "have you finished your milkshake so we can leave?" I would never ask the waitstaff or clerk at the counter "Do you have some milkshake?" (Speaking as a native of North America)


I put any milkshake but was marked wrong - surely an English equivalent?


Not really. Using "any" would require changes to the original Finnish sentence. You should probably add a word that means any, and to drop or change the positive myös (also, in addition). Kind of you would not be asking anymore whether they also have some of this, but don't they have any of this either: Onko teillä myöskään yhtään/mitään pirtelöä? If there was no myös in the sentence, your question would be more valid.


The fact they haven't changed this is so cringe. Just put bread in the place of milkshake.


The two possible answers are exactly the same; the first is marked as incorrect, but both answers are correct. This exercise has another sentence with the same problem (jaateloa --sic --written twice as the two possible answers). Duo needs a proofreader.

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