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  5. "I am good at rally."

"I am good at rally."

Translation:Minä olen hyvä rallissa.

July 17, 2020



Olen (without minä) should be accepted


Yes. I've reported it as a missing translation on 6th September


Reported again on October 23rd


There's something odd going on here... This English sentence shouldn't exist anymore (well, only as a possible answer to the Finnish one, but not the suggested answer). So you shouldn't have been shown this, and this thread shouldn't be linked to anymore... I've fiddled with the options now, let's hope it's fixed within the standard two weeks.

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Puhutko myös rallienglantia?


I can't quite decide if this is rally-english... I only realised what this sentence meant after reading the comments as I would say "rally driving" or "rally racing" here.

While english is my mothertongue, motorsports are not. So does anyone else know if "good at rally" is something someone might really say?


Being good at rally / rally driving / rallying is certainly a thing.

Rallienglanti is a fun/silly Finnish term for the English skills often showcased by Finnish rally drivers (who are typically somewhat single minded men from the countryside...): they can express anything they need to, but the grammar and pronunciation may be more Finnish than English.


I've heard it expressed in English as being 'good at rally driving' or 'good at rallying'. I've never heard anyone say 'good at rally', but if I've learned one thing in the Duolingo forums, it's that people in other areas of the English speaking world quite often use the language differently. ;)


Racing would be better here, or at least rally driving or rallying. Although rallying is really not the best word here, has too many other more widely used meanings.

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