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"Päivää. Osaatko sanoa, missä lähin kahvila on?"

Translation:Good day. Can you tell me where the closest café is?

July 17, 2020



Why duolingo is now changing sentence structure at this point where in previous lessons it used "where is the cafe" and now it is adding "where the closest cafe is"? I'm seeing a lack of consistency maintenance here!


might be an english thing - "can you tell me where is the closest cafe" doesnt quite work, even if the finnish uses the same word order


Closest should be accepted too


DL is way too rigid regarfdng correct English word order.


We had the discussion about the archaic english usage "good day" elsewhere. "Hi" or " hello" should also work here for päivä, or even at a pinch, 'good morning' but no one english who is not in Downton Abbey uses "Good day" nowdays.


Good you changed it but nearest is still perfect


In England a coffee shop is a place where you go to drink coffee, i.e., a kahvila

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