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I completed the Finnish course today!

Thank you to all the contributors who made this course possible!

I will continue to use duolingo to keep practicing, but could anyone recommend some other study resources to keep going? I am finding listening to/ keeping up with finnish speakers particularly tricky at the moment (I live in Finland).

July 17, 2020



You "Finnish"ed the course!


Try the website kotisuomessa. It has plenty of reading and listening exercises and a lot more vocabulary than Duolingo.


Kiitos vinkistä! – Tässä linkki: https://kotisuomessa.fi/


I find that by routinely exposing yourself to a language in any way will make you gradually learn it if you have any motivation at all to learn it, even when it feels like you barely understand anything. Merely by living in Finland, you're already passively practising your Finnish. In addition to that, I recommend paying attention to all sorts of Finnish media and reading literature in Finnish. At least at first, it's enough that you undertand the gist of what you've read or heard, so you don't need to constantly look up the meanings of new or forgotten words and phrases if that gets frustrating. For a beginner, reading and listening to the news in "selkosuomi" (simplified Finnish) would be one of the ideal ways of doing this. Here's where you can find some online: https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/selkouutiset/

For more traditional ways of language studying, you could look for them simply by googling "opettele suomea" or "learn Finnish" or something along those lines. For instance, I just found a subreddit for learning Finnish, which has its own wiki containing a bunch of learning resources. Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnFinnish/wiki/resources


Great job! Now it's time for some rentoutuminen*

(*I hope that was right:)  


You might want to try textbooks like Suomen mestari or Suomea suomeksi to take your grammar to a higher level.


I like https://www.50languages.com/ , and have found their Finnish translations to be quite accurate. Plus the site can be used for other languages too, which is where the name came from.


Thanks for that link. I just checked it out and they also provide basic and advanced online tests in Finnish. So I will work through those.


That's great that you've completed the course already! Congratulations:)

I want to know what would be next after Duolingo as well, although I'm still half way, so thank you for posting this on discussion.


I also added a duolingo memrise course here : https://www.memrise.com/course/5762089/complete-duolingo-finnish/ with the complete word list.. I will eventually upload all the audio for this too. :)


Thank you to all members in the Duolingo who design and contribute this course. I personally enjoyed this course and keep me posted if there are further development in this course. Cheers

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