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  5. "one kilogram of meat"

"one kilogram of meat"

Translation:yksi kilo lihaa

July 17, 2020



I don't understand why to use the partitive here - I thought when there was a specific amount you didn't use the partitive like when you used a number.


Kilo and kilogramma are the same


Why doesn't this apply?

"The partitive is used in connection with the numbers. Because of that, many new language learners assume the partitive is the plural form. This is not the case. There is a separate plural (the plural nominative) and in addition there is also a partitive plural.

You don’t use the partitive after the number “yksi”, but you do use it after the number “nolla”." https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi/


Do you mean why "lihaa" is in the partitive case? Before it, "kilo" is in the nominative, following the rule. E.g. "Kuinka paljon?" - "Yksi kilo." "Kaksi kiloa." However, "lihaa" is one step removed and here we concentrate on it being a part of some unidentifiable amount of existing meat.

"Yksi kahvi." "Kaksi kahvia." (Here is the number+partitive rule and the yksi exception.) "Yksi kuppi kahvia." "Kaksi kuppia kahvia." (Here the exception applies to the cup which is tied to the measurement (one), but not to the coffee, which is what is being measured. This despite the the fact that "Yksi kahvi." and "Yksi kuppi kahvia." mean the same.)


Is there a reason why the yksi has to be there? In another problem they left it away when saying "one liter of milk"


I agree 100%. I left the "yksi" out in my first attempt because I remembered this, only to be told i was wrong :|


If there is a numeral, you should translate it. If there isn't, don't add one.


That's funny cause "litra maitoa - one litre of milk" is accepted while "kilo lihaa - one kilo of meat" isn't LOL

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