"Tu ne devineras jamais ce qu'elle m'a proposé !"

Translation:You will never guess what she offered me!

July 17, 2020

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Why can't you say: You will never guess what she proposed to me?


You will never guess what she has offered me..........


I think it should be what she offered to me, not what she offered me, but Duo marked this wrong! I have reported it.


"You will never guess what she suggested" ?? Golly! I can only guess... err, no, wait...


What is wrong with "offered to me"? Not accepted.


You're right. "Has" is there in the French, and even though English doesn't require it to be correct~ it would be better for reverse translation. But, If it was an English sentence only, I'd leave has out.


I disagree. Many Anglophone students of French want to equate the passé composé with the English present perfect, since their construction is similar. Sometimes that works, but the p.c. more often is better translated into the English past tense, as Duo has done here. That confusion should not be encouraged. Duo has its faults, but the course does a good job of avoiding that mistake.

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