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  5. "Kello on puoli kaksitoista."

"Kello on puoli kaksitoista."

Translation:It is half past eleven.

July 17, 2020



What does "puoli" mean literally in Finnish? Could this be the key to why I totally don't get this? That "puoli" means something quite different than "half-past?" Because to me "puoli kaksitoista" means (something? twelve, not eleven.


Here English works differently than most European languages, including Finnish. English is all about "half (of) an hour after eleven o'clock", whereas Finnish prefers "half (of) an hour before twelve o'clock". Literally, puoli means "half" or "half of". You can think of puoli as "half to" if it makes it easier for you, so that while you can have "10 to", "20 to", and "a quarter to" in English, in Finnish you have "a half to" as well. :)


"Half of twelve" means eleven thirty in English. You just have to think a little the first time you hear it. On the other hand, the mistaken translation is just as easy to understand.


It is confusing to have kaksitoista and then say eleven. Default should be "30 til", or it should be explained in the notes.


It was equally confusing to learn this in English (my first foreign language). I heard that in some variety of English, it could be expressed "half twelve" just like in Finnish, but I forgot where.


You can indeed say "half twelve" ... but it would mean half an hour AFTER twelve, not before. I never knew that English had this quirk in comparison to other languages ... not that I see it as a quirk since it's my native language :)


I thought yksitoista was eleven and kaksitoista was twelve. I feel like I'm going crazy because on another question I put kaksitoista for eleven and I was wrong.


Not crazy. Literally it is halfway TO twelve. Just a different way of saying half past eleven.


puoli kaksitoista can be translated as eleven-thirty


Shouldn't this be 10:30 and not 11:30


That would be puoli yksitoista.


Why in this sentence


Why do you not put o' clock in this sentence when you just required it in the sentence 2 or 3 questions back. When must you have o'clock and when not? I thought if the word kello is in the sentence you must say o'clock.


In English "o'clock" is usually used only with hours. As soon as you start adding halves, quarters, and minutes, you drop the "o'clock". :)

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