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"Sorry, I do not speak English."

Translation:Anteeksi, minä en puhu englantia.

July 17, 2020



so: olen vs en ole / olet vs et ole / hän on vs hän ei ole.

The word that plays the role of negating (en/et/ei) must agree with the subject of the negated verb.

Is that correct?

[deactivated user]


    Minä en ole

    Sinä et ole

    Hän/Se ei ole

    Me emme ole

    Te ette ole

    He/Ne eivät ole


    I was typing fast and submitted "Anteeksi, en puhu englanita." I was so relieved Duo recognized this as a typo. And a few minutes ago I did a different one. I just want to say that it is really nice that with small errors they now show you your mistake, but allow you to go on without counting it as "wrong" and bringing it back at the end of the lesson.


    Question: which is the verb form we use with the negative "ei". Like puhu, ole...

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