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"Eu trabalho com manutenção de computadores."

Translation:I work with computer maintenance.

May 15, 2013



I work IN computer maintenance?

As in, that is my career. Or does the original mean that my career is something else and I am working with a different department.


No. Similarly to English, that would be ‘trabalhar no/na’.

I work in the X sector. = Trabalho no setor de X.

But watch out! ‘Trabalhar’ can also take ‘com’ just like in English:

O governo está trabalhando com o setor privado. = The government is working (together) with the private sector.

I still upvoted you because I thought it was a good question.


But the example you give makes sense, whereas "I work with computer maintenance" only makes sense in certain very odd situations.


Just you wait till you get to the dolphin's keys or the epistolarian lion.


Unless 'computer maintenance' is a department, group, or something similar, 'with' doesn't make much sense.


And I upvote you because I didn't even suspected this. I also thought it was a mistake.


Sure, a literal translation would make it "with"; however, since the subject of the action is not a concrete object or group it doesn't really make sense in English. Here it should be "in". If the sentence was "I work with computers" or "In work with the computer maintenance department" then "with" can be used. As someone else points out, the given answer would work if computer maintenance was a proper noun (i.e., "I work with Computer Maintenance"). The desired answer, "I work with computer maintenance" does not treat it as a proper noun, so I don't think it should be accepted.


I just reported it. Translating does not mean translating each word of a given sentance, it means to end up with the "sound " sentance in a specific language. So even if Duo meant that somebody is working in a department which is working along "with" maintenance both answers should be accepted.


"I work in computer maintenance" is accepted. I am not a native English speaker but I interpret this as "computer maintenance is my work". Would that be the correct English interpretation? And would that also be the meaning of the Portuguese?


I think I work ON computer maintanence would be a better sentence also matching better with the NO in portuguese. When you say with, it makes me think of a temporary action, meaning I am doing it just now, in a particular time, which I don't think is what duolingo means.


The Portuguese sentence as given uses ‘com’ rather than ‘em’/‘no’/‘na’ so I'm afraid ‘with’ is probably the translation. It's an odd sentence for sure.

If it had used ‘em’ it should be translated by ‘in’.


"on" should should definitely be accepted. I reported it.


why are they using the plural computadores and not the singular computador.? Computers was not accepted.


Because that's how you would say it in Portuguese. Different languages follow different structures and logics, so literal word for word translation often doesn't work, although it would make it a lot easier if it did!


The phrase "manutenção de computadores" translates to "computer maintenance", a phrase that describes what is the profession. Not everything can be directly translated or the meaning would be lost.

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