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"Teacher, is this word correct?"

Translation:Opettaja, onko tämä sana oikein?

July 17, 2020



why is it oikein not oikea?


Because "oikea" is an adjective whereas "oikein" is an adverb. "Onko tämä sana oikea" would mean "Is this word real?"


Kristian is right. I just want to add, as a curiosity, that technically speaking, "oikein" is both the superlative and instructive form of the adjective "oikea".


For those who don't know these grammatical terms: basic form "oikea" (correct), comparative form "oikeampi" (more correct) and superlative form "oikein" (most correct). Instructive case is used when you use something to do something: for example, "tein sen OMIN KÄSIN" (I made it WITH my OWN HANDS) or "sanoin sen OIKEIN SANOIN" (I said it WITH the RIGHT WORDS).

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