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"Il va falloir acheter une nouvelle cafetière."

Translation:It is going to be necessary to buy a new coffee maker.

July 17, 2020



"We are going to have to buy a new coffee maker," was accepted, and is a more natural translation than this beast.

Timor mortis conturbat me.


So, is falloir never used to refer to a single individual; e.g. *HE is going to have to..."? Though I note that Google translates to "YOU are going to have to..."

As GScottOliver has noted, "WE are going to have to..." is apparently acceptable but I discovered that "HE is going to have to..." is not acceptable (presumably deferring to the use of devoir).


Il means "it" when used with falloir. The pronoun is always impersonal.

The default translation above is a good direct translation of the expression, even if it's unwieldy English.


i would use "cafetière" in english (i think the yanks say "french press" and i've also heard the monstrosity "coffee plunger"). this word refers to a glass jug with a filter attached to a rod, that you fill with coarsely ground coffee and boiling water

"coffee maker" is meaningless - it could be interpreted as an espresso machine, a moka pot, a cezve or even a barista.

as an aside i've noticed some idiots have started calling moka pots "cafetieres" - what dolts!

[deactivated user]

    Thanks slowsummits. I assumed by "coffee maker" Duo meant a coffee-making machine. We call it a French press in Canada too.

    EDIT: But from another sentence in this section it says you forgot to plug in the cafetière. In French it's a general term for a coffee maker. What you English call a cafetière is a "cafetière à piston".

    Still, thanks for educating me. Cafetière has indeed been adopted into English. And I'd never heard of a moka pot so I googled it. I've been served coffee from one, I just never knew it had a special name.


    I suppose this French term could be any type of coffee maker: Plunger, dripolater, espresso, pod machines, cold brew, percolator and other exotic variations. The normal term we use for an automatic home variety is a coffee machine. Ours grinds beans, tamps the grind, forces hot water through the grind, delivers the coffee to your cup and then venturis milk from a container with steam under pressure into the coffee, making a flat white, a latte or a cappuccino depending on settings. I admit I am addicted to these machines that make superb coffee.


    he is going to have to buy a new coffee maker

    Is the use of "he" in this sentence absolutely incorrect


    This sentence needs to be re hashed !Too many versions of coffee makers/ machines!

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