"Je vais encore devoir faire la vaisselle."

Translation:I am going to have to do the dishes again.

July 17, 2020

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Could this be translated "I am still going to have to do the dishes." ?


Same here, thats the way I read it also. Not sure why it was given wrong. Is it wrong or just duo being pedantic/narrow?


I was wondering that as well. I think you are correct because the correct translation for the DL phrase would be...Je vais devoir refaire la vaisselle ? Doing again is better to be translated as refaire. Am I correct?

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Refaire sounds like you cleaned them poorly, and have to do the same dishes again to clean them properly.

The given sentence sounds like our character did them earlier (yesterday?) and has to do today's dirty dishes, which he dislikes.


Vaisselle looks like a cognate with "vessel"--good way to remember it, anyway!


Surely "faire la vaisselle" is to do the washing up? That's the same as doing the dishes.


I put this. Rejected. Reported.


"I am still going to have to do the dishes."I think this statement should also be accepted. (still and again are both adverbs and mean "encore", that's why the sentence should be accepted.

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