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"The bunny is a weird singer and the cat a weird musician."

Translation:Pupu on outo laulaja ja kissa outo muusikko.

July 17, 2020



isnt it supposed to be another "on" between kissa and outo?


Adding another "on" is optional. It is fine sentence with or without it.

Though I cannot say why. I would guess that because we are listing things with same verb, repeating the verb is not necessary.


This sentence construction is very uncommon in English. It's mainly used in formal settings or poetry. Is this more common in spoken Finnish?


As a native Finnish speaker, I think this sentence is perfectly fine. Only reason I looked the comments were to check if someone has made a joke about the meaning of the sentence. :)

It is bit hard to translate these kind of sentences from language to language and based my background I don't see any problems in the English version either :S


I've heard it said like this in english before. I like this sentence because I ran out of 'on's and was forced to take a closer look at the sentence. Got me thinking!


I agree it sounds fine in english, apart from the freaky animals. Something outo about finnish cat food perhaphs

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