"I think she would not accept these conditions."

Translation:Je pense qu'elle n'accepterait pas ces conditions.

July 17, 2020

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Is this sentence synonymous with: Je ne pense pas qu'elle accepterait ces cinditions? If it is, is it as natural as, or more natural than, the one provided by Duo?

I'm askig this question because in English, negating main cluases with verbs like think, believe, etc., sometimes called "weak assertive verbs", (especially when in the simple present and with the first-person singular subject) is said to be more natural than leaving the negative in the subordinate that-clauses; some linguists suggest that sentences like I think she wouldn't accept these conditions may be performance errors, and that I don't think she would accept these conditions would be more natural.

I wonder if this could be the case in French as well.


Coud someone please explain why there is no "de" before "ces conditions"? I thought the verb "accepter" needed to be followed by the preposition "de."

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