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"Travaillerais-tu comme vendeur à temps partiel ?"

Translation:Would you work as a sales associate part-time?

July 17, 2020



"Would you work as a part-time sales associate?" should also be accepted


Agree. I've reported it, 26/7/20.


Would you work as a part-time salesperson?<--accepted.


why is it wrong to say? would you be working as a part time salesperson?


Good question. All I can say is that throughout this and the previous subject set which also dealt with this tense, the -ing version of the verb hasn't been used. That suggests that in this case (literally!), there is no option for it.

In this sentence, it gives the impression that someone at a job centre is asking if the job seeker would be okay with working part-time. If that's the case, "would you be working..." wouldn't fit. If it were a friend asking after a job interview about the job, it would - in English. How the French verbs work in that instance, I don't know.


Is a sales associate a salesman?


Yes. Basically it's a shop assistant.


Is salesman different from a sales associate?

  • 1681

A sales associate is a fancier term, but it means the same thing (except that it can be applied to a man or a woman). It should be accepted here.


"Would you work as a part-time salesperson?" Accepted. (Better word-order)


My translation was exactly the same os the correst trans;ation SO WHY IS MINE WRONG???


"Would you work as a part time sales associate" is also correct. As a native English speaker I know this is correct!


Is "sales associate" really the best translation for vendeur? Of course we all know what "sales associate" means but it comes across awkward, stilted, and comically pretentious.


Typical non UK English vendeur implies male, vendeuse is female. Sales associate is in my view an American term. In the UK it would be shop assistant or salesman.

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