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"Je pense qu'il me proposerait un meilleur poste."

Translation:I think he would offer me a better position.

July 17, 2020



I think it's incorrect to have present tense with past -' I thought he would offer' me makes for better English, I can't see where you would say 'i think he would offer me'; it could be 'i think he will offer me'. There are several examples of this mis-matching of tenses which can catch you out because you want to write proper English!


What about, "if I told him I was looking for more responsibility in the company, i think he would offer me a better position" or "if I told him I had a job offer somewhere else, i think he would offer me a better position"


(Just offering a few examples of situations where you would use that phrase. Hope it helps!)


There is no past tense in this sentence.

Pense = present tense, indicative mood

Proposerait = present tense, conditional mood

Far from "mismatching" tenses!


I'm really confused by the english translation of this - it's difficult to learn French useage when the phrase in your own language doesn't make any sense to you! Can someone explain what they are wanting to say?


Better position or post at work


Would ".... un mieux poste" work in place of ".... un meilleur poste"?


no because 'mieux' is an adverb and 'meilleur' is the comparative of 'bon' (adjective).

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