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"If I were you, I would not return to this company."

Translation:À votre place, je ne retournerais pas dans cette entreprise.

July 17, 2020



Why dans rather than à?


Still not clear when to use dans or à


Same question please


same question as Lucy


Looked this up and figured out why DANS is used(vs A).

RETOURNER usages: Meaning #1: To go back (to a place where the speaker is not) Meaning #2: To go back (to a place where the speaker is not) for a short time. Meaning #3: To return something (to give back), Retourner is used to refer to a return to a place where the SUBJECT of the sentence was previously and where the SPEAKER(note different from the subjec of retourner (figuratively)t in this sentence) is not.

But retourner 'à' means to return to a place FOR A SHORT TIME! Retourner DANS means to return to a place and stay for a long time ..as you would in the context of (this sentence). The person is not advising that you do not 'return' (drop by/go to fetch etc etc) to this location briefly to say pick up your last check or see a friend; BUT that you DO not return to WORK THERE(I hope this is obvious)...and of course that means you would be returning to stay as an employee for presumably a period of time.

I see by the comments that you all share with me the "dans vs a" confusion and if you check your memory base for patterns you would see that this use of DANS is almost a prototype fit.

No need to applaud!! Also if you wish to refute come with reasoning and intelligence... not an anonymous downvote! I spent TOo MUCH time googling for that.


Great research!


for "to," read "too" ;-)


Thank you. I wish I were going to be able to remember it, but it's still very helpful. Not that duo gives us explanations like that with these units.


A ton place not accepted.....Pardon ??


À ta place. Place is feminine.


Also, This is a sound exercise and I heard votre so you must use votre.


Even the worst student is unlikely to confuse the spoken words ta, ton, and votre. This comment page covers this sentence whether you're listening to the French or translating. Yeah, it's a dumb software cheat and it confuses people here.

Did you go honestly think that VicReadies heard ton and I heard ta from votre ?


Why not "rentrerais" instead of "retournerais"?


See 'rentrer' is typically used to indicate a return HOME.(house) or country.


After 2 silly mistakes I got it right BUT STILL TELLING ME IS INCORRECT!!! SOOOO ANNOYING


maybe the preposition dans vs a.. check my post above see if it helps?


Paste in what you put (& maybe what DL said). Otherwise, we're reduced to guessing what you might still have wrong.

I know I for one make dumb mistakes (often simple typos), and I'm so focused on some other part of the sentence that I just can't spot the errors. Easy enough to do.

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