"Tu devrais te débarrasser de ce qui ne marche pas."

Translation:You should get rid of what doesn't work.

July 17, 2020

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properly, "You should get rid of that which doesn't work." But more naturally, "you should get rid of things that don't work"


'You should get rid of whatever doesn't work', seems more natural and retains the same meaning.


Did you report it?


I put 'anything that doesn't work' which is natural to me, but it was rejected.


Can anyone tell me how to use "ce qui"and "ce que"? I kinda get confused using them.


Ce qui is for things which are the subject of the sentence, ce que is for things which are the object.


how about "you have to get rid of..instead of you should get rid of..."?

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Tu devrais -> you should

Tu dois -> you have to


My exercise was type what you hear, and I heard,"Tu devrais te débarrasser de ceux qui ne marchent pas." I don't see any fault with that, the audio is the same so I'll report it.


Same problem here, 7 months later, reported again.


You should listen to your own advice Duo and get rid of all these new moronic voices.

Learning is NOT fun when ones ears are being assaulted by this vile noise.


Those voices belong to human beings, and you are being unnecessarily rude and hurtful to them.


No they don't. The new voices are still text-to-speech. They're just horrid and ugly-sounding now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEiKfH9WCGo

Duolingo is very proud of what they've done with the voices here, but they've actually ruined the entire course. It's a good idea in principle but pretty much everyone is in agreement that it didn't work.


Oh, I didn’t realise how it was done. Thanks for the link! I, too, find some of the voices difficult and ugly, but I know that it is helpful for us to get used to hearing French spoken by very different people. I don’t feel that the course is ruined.


I wrote: You ought to get rid of what doesn't work. I think that should be acceptable. Surely you "should" and you "ought to" have exactly the same meaning.

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