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"Elävätkö nuo krokotiilit Egyptissä?"

Translation:Do those crocodiles live in Egypt?

July 17, 2020



What is difference between 'asuu' and 'elävää'? One is for humans and other for animals?


Elää [to live; be alive; survive; etc.] | • asua [dwell; reside; lodge; etc.]

Some meanings overlap depending on the context when translating these words, but elääkö in this sentence seems to be asking if Egypt is a natural habitat of the particular species (or if the animals can survive/thrive there).


why is the translation are those crocodiles living in Egypt wrong? In a lot of other cases it is counted as correct


"is/am/are living" implies a fairly temporary living arrangement and that is slightly unusual to talk about for an animal


Why is it "Egyptissä", not "Egyptissa"?

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