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  5. "Yuck! This is too salty."

"Yuck! This is too salty."

Translation:Hyi! Tämä on liian suolaista.

July 17, 2020



Can't understand how to determine if it's suolainen or suolaista after the "on"


I think they assumed that this is for salmiakki. Every foreigner experiences that. I experienced it, at least. For me both should be accepted. Not sure.


I thought I understood this, but I guess not. Why is "suolainen" not accepted? If we're talking about something uncountable, I understand using the partitive, but this sentence does not specify that. We could be talking about one complete, discrete thing, right? If so, would that really require the partitive here?


Shouldn't the correct answe be "tämä on liika suolaista", to have both in partitiivi?


"Liika" is nominative. The partitive form is "liikaa". The nominative form is a noun and corresponds to the English word "excess". The partitive form means "too much". The genitive form "liian", which is what is correctly used here, means "excessively". As you can see, it can also be translated to "too", but it doesn't share the other meanings of "too".

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