"À tes souhaits !"

Translation:Bless you!

July 17, 2020

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"À tes souhaits" This literally means, "To your wishes" and can be interpreted as: "May your wishes(dreams) come true." When I lived in France this was the toast we would give before dinner every night.


Then there are the new year wishes, qu'on aussi dit « souhaits » that can be quite thoughtfully and elaborately expressed, in writing too, in France!


In the context of this lesson, I'm guessing this is what French speakers say after someone sneezes?

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Can someone confirm what a French person says to another when one of them sneezes?


Yes, this is exactly what they say. Just be careful to use 'tes' or 'vos' appropriately.


Many say « santé ! ».


Must be. Gesundheit! is accepted which is what many in Canada say when someone sneezes.


(To your) health, gesundheit, santé.
But spare us please the unthinking, out of date religiosity, Duo en-fr! How about some swear words?


À tes souhaits was accepted but so was À vos souhaits


My high school French teacher said that if the person sneezes multiple times, then after the initial "À tes souhaits!", you can respond to each successive sneeze with "À tes rêves!" and "À tes amours!", etc.

Once while working a gig as a food vendor at a big hippie festival, I happened to say these things to a French person when they sneezed. They said that response is a little bit old-fashioned, but my boyfriend (who has terrible sinus problems) and I still like to do it when people sneeze.


That's very similar to Spanish responses to multiple sneezes - salud, pesetas, amor


Glad that they don't have our superstitions. Do they just have different ones?

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