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"Karhut ovat piilossa metsässä."

Translation:The bears are hiding in the forest.

July 17, 2020



In Finland we pass the time by playing hide-and-seek with the bears.


but not with wolves unfortunately, Finns are traditionally scared of wolves. but then again, who in europe isn't?

[deactivated user]


    Is this the Finnish equivalent of the present continuous? Or is using the partitive twice just how this is said in Finnish?


    I understand it thus: The bears are in hiding in the forest" or "in their hiding place in the forest". This probably sounds too complicated in English, so they chose this translation.


    Maybe "The bears are in the forest hiding" could be considered correct as well? (Reported)... I'll admit that the word order (and maybe the nuance) is a bit different, though I feel that there's not a direct translation here anyway because of the "piilossa".

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