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"Do you have a camera or a cell phone?"

Translation:Onko teillä kameraa tai kännykkää?

July 17, 2020



Why is it correct to use "tai" instead of "vai" in this instance?


With tai it's an open question, where one could have either, both or neither. With vai it's asking witch one of those two they have - it's assuming the person has one of the options.


But barring any other context, i think both should be accepted here, since both questions are valid, right?


Thank you! This is the best explanation for this oft-asked question I've seen!


More succinctly stated: why is it wrong to use "vai" here? Duolingo tells me I should have used "tai", but I can't see any reason for preferring one over the other.


That's what I want to know


Why teilla and not sinulla

[deactivated user]

    It can be either one, "teillä" or "sinulla".

    [deactivated user]

      You use teillä when you are speaking to a group, or if you are being polite to someone. For example, when speaking to an elderly person, you might use teillä.


      Why are "kameraa" and "kännykkää" in the partitive?


      I think it's because the person asking does not know if there are either camera or cell phone. "Do you have any ... at all?"


      A question on the partitive use here. As far as I understand the question with partitive expresses whether you have any at all (posession). So would using the nominative "Onko sinulla kännykkä" imply asking whether you have it on you? Like, when you cannot find it?


      Hm... I'm not sure if I understood your question completely, but I would certainly use "Onko sinulla kännykkä?" to ask my child/mother/friend whether s/he has put it in his/her pocket/bag etc. before going somewhere. If I can't find my phone and doubt/hope that my friend has it, I'd ask "Have you seen my phone?" (Oletko nähnyt kännykkääni? / Ootko nähny m(i)un kännykkää?)


      I was only asked for 'känykkä', the rest of the sentence was given, but the answer stated there were typos in the the words already there -perhaps it should be checked out?


      Did you write kännykkää correctly? :-)


      How would we know from the question that it is you singular or you plural ?
      Sinulla on or Onko tellia could but be correct

      i Finish translate to


      We don't know it, so both "Onko sinulla kameraa tai kännykkää?" and "Onko teillä kameraa tai kännykkää?" are correct.


      Can anyone tell me the difference between mobile phone ( marked wrong) and cell phone?

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