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  5. "Kello on tasan seitsemän."

"Kello on tasan seitsemän."

Translation:It is exactly seven o'clock.

July 17, 2020



"The time is exactly seven o'clock" is wrong?


I'm reporting these. It mentions time, so I include it in the answer and it should be accepted


Well, it doesn't really mention time as "kello" means "clock" ("time" = "aika"), but I don't see why you couldn't use "time" here.


In English we say it this way


'The time' should be accepted as well as 'it'. In Britain there is (or used to be) a 'talking clock' where you can phone the number and it will give the message which always starts 'at the third stroke the time is exactly...'


Se on tasan seitsemän .... Why is this not accepted? Why is kello needed


Because that wouldn't tell what is being talked about. What is tasan seitsemän? You can start with Se on... if answering a question about time, for example Paljonko kello on? - Se on tasan seitsemän. Otherwise you need to define it by saying for example Kello on...

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