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"He used to eat at the restaurant only with Julie."

Translation:Il ne mangeait au restaurant qu'avec Julie.

July 17, 2020



You can't win with this question. The first time my answer was marked wrong and the correct answer was "Il ne mangeait qu'au restaurant avec Julie". When this question came up again at the end of the same exercise, I put down the "correct" answer but it was marked wrong. Surprise, surprise, the correct answer was " Il ne mangeait au restaurant qu'avec Julie", which I had in the first place!! It's so frustrating! Grrrr...


He used to eat at the restaurant only with Julie.
Il ne mangeait au restaurant qu'avec Julie.

He used to eat only at the restaurant with Julie.
Il ne mangeait qu'au restaurant avec Julie.


And then there is: "He used to eat only with Julie at the restaurant." → Il ne mangeait qu'avec Julie au restaurant."

Really, this is rather confusing. And, the meanings in English only vary minutely. Or, should I say, "Only minutely vary?" !!


JoJo, thanks for listing the two versions. Both have been used in separate lessons. People need to study this a little instead of accusing Duolingo of confusion. I'm not that smart, so if I could figure it out, other people can get it too.


Que (after ne) goes before what's being restricted. Qu'au resto means only at the restaurant, not at home or in the park. Qu'avec elle means only with her.

I'm not a native speaker but JoJo (above) is. My French teacher (a native speaker) drilled us on this some, too. It's actually much more straightforward than in English, where "only" can be placed in several places, some of which make the meaning ambiguous.


Thank you, NOW I understand! Have a couple of well deserved lingots!


Il mangeait au restaurant seulement avec Julie. Accepted :)


Yes. I get it wrong one way or another. Please fix this Duo!.


You have two different answers to the question; c'est impossible!


can't I say "il ne mangeait qu'avec julie au restaurant"


Haven't other exercises insisted on "dans le restaurant" not "au restaurant"?

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