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"Par qui cet événement est-il organisé ?"

Translation:By whom is this event organized?

July 17, 2020



The English translation is perfect; and something one would rarely hear. Duo has a penchant for colloquial expressions which could be 'Who's organising this event?'. I prefer 'By whom...' This is 'gold-standard' English.


"Who is organizing this event?" Rejected and reported 17 July 2020


Because your sentence structure is too far from the original french sentence. That would translate Qui organise cet évènement ?


Does it have to be 'est-il'?


I find it frustrating that the slow versions don't have the ability to pronounce liaisons. In this case in the fast version has the 't' at the end of 'cet' sounded correctly. Then in the slow version 'cet' is pronounced without sounding the 't' as it would if it were in front of a consonant. I realise that part of the exercise is to understand the structure of the sentence but it IS a listening exercise in this case. Is there any solution? Again particularly galling at the last question of a test out session and no hearts left!!!!


Par qui est-ce que cet événement est organisé?


Who organised this event ? is accepted


This event was organized by whom

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