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" Paljonko kello on? Se on yksitoista."

Translation:– What time is it? – It is eleven o'clock.

July 17, 2020



Why does the English require "o'clock" when it's not even in the finnish response? In English responding to the question "what time is it?" with "it is eleven" is perfectly normal and arguably more common than using the "o'clock" because the fact you're talking about time is already stated in the question. If the finnish response was "kello on yksitoista" i would understand, but it's not


Again, this strange "What is the time", "What time is it" sounds a lot more natural in English. And yes, why "o'clock" when Finnish version doesn't have "kello on yksitoista", just yksitoista?


O'clock should be one item on a pick list, not two. If you do want to break it up still, it should be o' for o(f the).


Maybe they want you to see that kello means clock and (what) time.

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