"Vous êtes très triste depuis la mort de votre rat."

Translation:You've been very sad since the death of your rat.

July 17, 2020

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What's wrong with 'You are very sad since the death of your rat'?


Same question. Why is that wrong. I don't think it is, so reported.


From thoughtco.com: "Depuis means 'since' or 'for.' It is used with a French verb in the present tense to talk about an action that began in the past and continues in the present. In English, this is indicated by the present perfect or present perfect progressive." https://www.thoughtco.com/depuis-pendant-pour-1368831


I offered "Vous êtes très tristes..." which was rejected. What if the "you" refers to several people rather than just formally to one person? I would think that the plural form ("tristes") should be ok, given the ambiguity of the English sentence.


Could this also be in the present tense? Or should I ask, what tense is this?


That link actually and correctly shows that "have been sad" is present perfect, not present perfect progressive. The latter would be "have been being sad".


It must be something to do with the word depuis ? but then why is etes in the present and not avez eu ?


Actions starting in the past and continuing into the present use the present perfect in English but the present tense (often but not always with depuis) in French.

Furthermore, avez eu is passé composé, which is not the same as the English present perfect. It usually corresponds to the English simple past (had), though not always.

I have lived in Paris for a long time => J'habite à Paris depuis longtemps.


why is Vous êtes très tristes wrong? I thought vous was not just singular second person formal, but always conjugated and declined as second person plural.


Here, tristes should be accepted but it's not mandated.

Vous is not always treated as plural, so triste is also correct. When vous is singular, any adjective is singular. Vous êtes américain / américaine / américains / américaines are all correct depending upon whom you're addressing.


Actors are weird people


..since your rat died?


Why do all these sentences, or their messages, have to be so weird, that you really need to listen to them several times. Oh sorry, of course we all are sad for the poor rat!


I think there's a problem with this whole module - so many of the accepted translations are just odd!


I agree with the comment below. It is a correct translation


My comment, at the moment, is the only one below yours, and has nothing to do with yours. You need to change 'below' to something more specific.


I stupidly forgot that construction I had learned, and put what Kate did.....as several people agreed with. Is it actually wrong, or just not the best way of putting it?


Actually wrong? I'm not sure. But the present perfect is certainly better.

Even if it is technically acceptable, though, it's good that DL rejected your answer. You admit that you forgot what you had learned. If DL had accepted your response, it would have reinforced that forgetfulness instead of calling your attention to it. Learning how tenses sometimes change between the two languages is really important. A human teacher could say "Your translation is ok, but [the present perfect] would be better." The DL app doesn't do that kind of subtlety.

So I think DL is correct in rejecting that formulation. This does result in the loss of a heart, which is frustrating. I'm on record as saying that the hearts system is awful and counter-productive to learning, though, so the complaint is better lodged against the stupid hearts system rather than against this particular exercise.


I don’t know what the hearts system is. I haven’t come across it. Yes you are right about it being good that my answer was rejected. I’ve been doing what they call the legendary exercises because in them there are no aides available, and I think they are a good test of your learning. Before I started doing them I had a huge number of lingos. I don’t usually check on them, so today I was surprised to discover I had only three. I thought I was making up the losses as I went, so I don’t know where they went! Thanks for your comments.


Hearts are where you get penalized for making mistakes in a lesson and get failed for it if you make too many. (It's very much like "lives" in video games.) Paid subscribers are not subjected to it and some versions of the app don't use it. Maybe they've scrapped it; if so, good riddance.

The legend lessons will fail you if you make three mistakes, as you know. That applies even to those who have paid.

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