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"I like your style, and I also love Bruno's."

Translation:J'aime ton style et j'adore aussi celui de Bruno.

July 17, 2020



Should "j'adore celui de Bruno aussi" be accepted?


Why the use of Jaime followed by j'adore? I wrote" j'aime ton style et j'aime aussi celui de Bruno . and it was not accepted?


The first part of the sentence is "I like your style". For things aimer means like (it's only for humans and pets that it means love), so j'aime ton style.

The second part is "...I also love Bruno's". For things adorer means love, so j'adore.

Aimer + humans or pets = love

Aimer + anything else = like

Adorer + things = love


Thank you. So, I can only say, for instance, Je t'aime and not Je t'adore for I love you? How can I say I like you in French?


the subtle difference you make between "aimer" and "adorer" makes absolutely no sense in French



ton style me plaît et j'adore aussi celui de bruno


"aime" and "adore" don't have same meanings, liking at different levels quiet different ways. Why "aussi" works here?

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