"Si nos fils déménagent en Irlande, suivons-les-y."

Translation:If our sons move to Ireland, let's follow them there.

July 18, 2020

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en francais suivons les y ne veux rein dire la traduction est tout simplement suivons les voila


ça veut dire quelque chose, et j'imagine que c'est pour coller à la version anglaise ou l'inverse. C'est juste qu'on ne s'exprime pas comme ça, je ne me vois pas dire cette phrase, plutôt "si...., nous les suivrons".


Where does the word lets come from in this sentence

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"suivons-les-y" is a command for "nous". Note that there is no listed subject in this phrase, which (like in English) means it is a command.


I'm getting SO TIRED of getting marked "wrong" on the repeat ones!!! Especially on the tests! I just lost THREE hearts on spoken ones in on go! And I'll say it exactly the same way the next time and it'll be accepted!


You can turn the speaking practice mode off in your settings. Or select "I can't speak now" when you encounter a question like that and it will turn it off for an hour.


I do that when I see that one is not registering what I say. If none of the words turn green, I do that, but sometimes I'm not fast enough and it still marks me wrong. And sometimes it doesn't STAY turned off. I sometimes get another speaking one right away! I just had to vent.


I am confused. In the previous exercise, in response to "let's do our Christmas shopping on line" I put "faisons-nous nos achats de Noël en ligne" and was marked wrong. The explanation was "The imperative mood cannot have a subject. And subject-verb inversion is for interrogative sentences, so your sentence means "Do we do our Christmas shopping online", only lacking a question mark." And in this exercise, "suivons-les-y" sure looks the same. What am I missing?


There's not a subject. les is them - the object, and y is there.


Of course. Thanks. Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious! Have a lingot.


Can't this be translated, "if our sons move to Ireland, we are following them there." ?

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