"J'espère que les invités apparaîtront avant minuit."

Translation:I hope the guests will appear before midnight.

July 18, 2020

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"Appear" does not seem to be exactly the right word here, but could "apparaîtront" perhaps also be translated as "will turn up"?

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    "I hope that the guest will show up before midnight" is accepted.


    I guess 'up' is mandatory, my answer 'I hope the guests will show before midnight, is rejected.


    Exactly. What is this, Samantha Stevens's birthday party? The guests will "appear"? Good thing "show up" is accepted; "turn up" should be, too.


    The ghosts will appear and the guests will show up. You can say to make an appearance in English which means to show up.


    When does the subjunctive mood apply in such usage (I didn't submit it, so maybe it is already accepted)?: "J'espère que les invités apparaissent avant minuit."


    "espérer" only needs subjunctive in negative and interrogative sentences.


    This is not in the subjentive mood! It is 'futur simple' 'les invités (ils) apparaîtront' if you want it is easy to check using either: https://leconjugueur.lefigaro.fr/ or https://la-conjugaison.nouvelobs.com/


    I put "invitées" and was told I have a typo. (This was a "type what you hear" one.) Is there really any reason the guests can't be all women?

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