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"Pitkä tyttö osaa piirtää hyvin."

Translation:The tall girl can draw well.

July 18, 2020



'Knows how to' should be accepted here. 'Osaa' is 'knows how to.' It involves skill and learning.

'Can' (at least in English) is conditional, even haphazard. It means 'is able to' or 'is capable of,' but not necessarily 'good at' or 'trained to.'

The two are very different.

Does tge Finnish 'voi' meet the above definition of 'can'?

Could one say: Hän voi piirtää hyvin.

It's the 'hyvin' above that confuses me. It doesn't sound right.

It would be either: Hän voi(si) piirtää, or

Hän osaa piirtää hyvin.

Because one can't draw well unless skill is involved and if skill is involved, personally, I would use 'osaa'.


"Hän voi piirtää hyvin" doesnt't sound right. "voida", in this context, would translate to "may" in my opinion. so it doesn't work


I agree with Jenn, at least about the English version.

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