"There is going to be jam on the new couch!"

Translation:Il va y avoir de la confiture sur le canapé neuf !

July 18, 2020

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What is the difference between neuf and nouveau? Why is neuf placed after whereas nouveau is before? Just saying it always comes after does not explain why it always comes after. Thank you!


I found this helpful - in short, neuf is the special case of brand new, while nouveau can be anything new to any situation: a new day, a new friend, etc., including, say, a used car that is new to you. https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/how-to-say-new-neuf-versus-nouveau


Why not neuf canapé as it represents it's age?


It would be either le canapé neuf or le nouveau canapé. Neuf always comes after the noun.


Instead of saying il va y avoir, would one potentially say il y aura? Or is that not typically used?... "there will be" instead of "there's going to be" in english i suppose.


Il y aura is totally correct. However, we are supposed to match tenses when we do lessons, so in this case use futur proche of aller <-> going to.


Pourquoi non NEUF CANAPÉ ?


Why is the "y" necessary here


It's related to il y a, which means "there is". il va y avoir means "there is going to be".

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