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"Je prépare une tarte aux noix pour le goûter."

Translation:I'm making a walnut tart for the afternoon snack.

July 18, 2020



Is noix always plural?


No. You usually use the plural when the dish contains a fair amount of a given ingredient, and the singular when it's only flavoured. (There may be exceptions).
Plus, in french à la noix (singular) means cheap, or bad quality.

   Une tarte aux fraises
   Une glace à la fraise


Yes, very, thank you. Is 'afternoon snack' a common expression in the US? In British English we would say 'afternoon tea' which applies generally not just mainly to children as does 'le goûter' according to this article.


No, because we don't schedule a fourth meal.


Who are we?

There are many in the UK who enjoy afternoon tea - some at home, some as a special treat in a tearoom etc.

Many tourists enjoy sampling an English tea with sandwiches, cakes, scones etc - "Afternoon Tea at the Ritz" - a very British experiience is what they advertise! For the wealthier tourists though!

In Scotland, I certainly had a :snack" when I got home from school - many years ago - until dinner was served!

Afternoon tea, taken between 3 and 5 pm, started in the 1840s by the wealthier social classes.

I think Duo should offer "aftrnoon tea" as an alternative.


I think in North America we often call it an after school snack. But for adults you could call it an afternoon snack.


In the U.S., "snacktime" could refer to a mini-meal, thus presumably corresponding to "le goûter" in French. What one eats at an afternoon-scheduled snacktime session, could be one's "afternoon snack".


An American would never say "the afternoon snack," but would say "an afternoon snack "


"The afternoon snack" sounds really weird to me. I would think we would generally say something like "for an afternoon snack" or "as an afternoon snack".


"tea" in English, not afternoon snack which is American. Both should be accepted. In England you have tea, perhaps a "cream tea" not an afternoon snack.


We have tea every afternoon! A cup of tea, or a cold drink, plus a biscuit or piece of toast. Fills the gap between lunch and dinner.


Presumably 'une tarte aux noix' could be either a generic nut or a walnut. Without context both should be accepted as correct. Will report.


In dictionaries the first definition of noix is walnut. I don't think your report should be accepted.




They are accepting nut pie - March 21


Pour le goûter = to taste it; how come it is translated here as "afternoon snack"?


Got it - here "goûter" is not a verb but a noun, meaning something like an afternoon tea or snack


Why isn't it "la goûter" since "tarte" is feminine


le gouter is a noun not an adjective.


You mean,"... afternoon tea."

"Tea, a drink with jam and bread," and sometimes a slice of cake, etc.


I agree with the above comments. In Australia we have morning or afternoon tea (usually with coffee). Afternoon tea sounds much better than the afternoon snack.


Afternoon tea is more usual in Australia than afternoon snack


Its tea or teatime learn English duo


When do we k ow if pour le gouter means for a taste or for the afternoon snack. Would it oy be by usine pour un gouter


In this context it would need to be "la gouter" for "to taste it".


I do not have afternoon snacks.

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