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  5. "Yksi kahvi. Mustana, kiitos."

"Yksi kahvi. Mustana, kiitos."

Translation:One coffee. Black, please.

July 18, 2020



Nominative: musta

Essive: mustana (being black)


Oooh! A new case! Interesting! Care to explain its usage?


I'm doing this without any reference, but it's a bit like English "as" or "in the form of" but not exactly.

Lapsena olin pieni. As a child (When I was a child), I was small.

Juon kahvin mustana. I will drink the coffee black.

Olen tässä koulussa opettajana. I am (I'm working as) a teacher in this school.

Onko teillä tätä kuppia mustana? Do you have this cup in black (a black version of this cup)?

Hän palautti ämpärin tyhjänä. She returned the bucket empty.


So basically state of things?


I looked at the wikipedia page on essive, turns out we already learned kotona, which is the essive of koto, an archaic form of home (koti). For this particular sentence my guess would be that it's just idiomatically expected here, but it's just a guess.


To me the "na" word ending seems a lot like "ne" (those) only more of an individual rather than more but not like "se" because that's more like "it".


But one black coffee please should really be accepted as that is the meaning And it isn't. I don't think you will hear many english speaks ordering one coffe black, outside james bond films. Martini. Shaken not stirred.

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