"Questo mi ha fatto spaventare di più."

Translation:This scared me the most.

May 15, 2013

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Duolingo accepts both "this scared me the most" and "this scared me more". "The most" and "more" are different in English, do the comparative and the absolute superlative both translate as "di più" in Italian?


I have the same question!


In this context, yes I believe so. But we have lots of places in English where our language is limited and needs context/clarification for what the speaker is saying. I would assume Italians would usually be saying "the most" in this context but I am merely a learner.


I had "makes me afraid" instead of makes me "scared" I think they are the same


"Afraid" (worried) is softer than "scared" (frightened). The usual translation in italian for "being afraid" is "temere" or "avere paura"


What does mi ha fatto mean? Is this OK: il mio fratello mi ha fatto mangiare pranzo (My brother has made me eat lunch)?


"Mi ha fatto" is literally "has made me", and it's a way to introduce a passive action: "la sola vista mi ha fatto svenire" (the sight alone made me faint). "Il mio fratello" is wrong (no article before one's family members in the singular!) while you'd need an article before pranzo, so it should be "mio fratello mi ha fatto mangiare il pranzo". Although that sounds as if your brother forced you to eat.


This is really useful as it is a pattern to use and recognise. "il mio fratello" - oh well. But I put 'pranzo' instead of 'il pranzo' on purpose. I have no real understanding of when you use the article beyond "more than in English". And yes, the intention was that the brother forced me to eat lunch :-)


This made me more afraid was marked wrong. Should it be?


Perché non : questo mi ha spaventato di più


I would also like to know if this answer is correct too.


I said "This made the the most afraid" and it was said to be wrong


I said the same. I would say that 'scared' sounds more American English and 'afraid' sounds more British English. 'I am afraid of heights' , for example.


Why not, "This scared me the most"? It was marked as incorrect.


It tells me to tap what I hear, not to translate. I can't get past it


What would "It made me frighten more [people]" look like in Italian? Same as above? -- Funny that spaventare is both transitive and reflexive.


I thought "this had scared me the most" should be OK; but it wasn't

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