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"Oli hauska tutustua. Hei hei!"

Translation:It was nice meeting you. Bye bye!

July 18, 2020



"It was fun meeting you" should also be alright, right?


Usually "hauska" means "fun" but in this context it's more like "nice".


But is the translation so bad that it shouldn't be allowed...?


'Tutustua' is get to know and 'tavata' is meet, so the translation is not quite accurate here.


I’ve changed the primary translation to "It was nice meeting you" (with the continuous form rather than the infinitive "to meet") to reflect the situation better. "to get to know" is not really idiomatic in this context, but we already accept it as an alternative translation anyway. :)

[deactivated user]

    Should it not be it was nice to meet you?

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