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  5. "I think of you often."

"I think of you often."

Translation:Minä ajattelen sinua usein.

July 18, 2020



Luulen is more in line with "in my opinion" and ajattelen is for thinking of someone or thinking on a problem.


Can I not use "luulen" in addition to "ajattelen", or do those two verbs have a different meaning of thinking?

[deactivated user]

    Once more there is no need here to force the use of the article "Minä"


    Best to always just report these so they can be fixed and then move on. The people working on this course, like any other, are volunteers with limited time and resources. Many possible answers are still missing because they either haven't been entered into the system as the team has been busy entering correct alternatives elsewhere, or because Duolingo hasn't yet processed the requested changes. So I don't think the team is trying to force people to use pronouns when they are not needed. In this case the first correct answer entered into the system just happened to include one. :)


    Minä is not necessary.


    Why is not "minä usein ajattelen sinua" accepted? :(


    I used Mä which should be valid spoken language is more common anyway


    "Ajattelen sinusta", would it be right in this case?


    "Ajatella" combined with elative case is to think about something/someone only in the sense of having an opinion about something/someone. Here's an example: "Tiedät, mitä ajattelen sinusta" = "You know what I think about you".



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