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"Paljonko nämä viinerit maksavat?"

Translation:How much do these Danishes cost?

July 18, 2020



"how much do these danish pastries cost" should be accepted, danish pastries is more acceptable in english than danishes, which is not a correct form


I think Danishes is perfectly acceptable (at least in UK English), but "Danish pastries" should definitely be accepted too [I reported this]


In what sense is "danishes" "not a correct form"?


Calling them danishes is an Americanism . A much more universal translation would be pastries or patisserie


We call them danishes in Australia too. Accepting either "danishes" or "Danish pastries" should cover pretty much all English speakers.

Your suggestions are wrong. "Pastries" is not specific enough and a "patisserie" is the shop where pastries and cakes etc. are made and sold.

leivos = a pastry (pl. leivokset)
konditoria = a patisserie
viineri = a danish / a Danish pastry

Haluan ostaa viinereitä ja muita leivoksia konditoriasta.
I want to buy danishes and other pastries at the patisserie.


It's ok as a singular, but the plural is indigestible. Then better danish pastries.


Can someone explain what a Danish or a viineri is? Is it filled with Meat ?


It's a sweet pastry. You can read more and check pictures for example in Wikipedia:



'Murican here. I have only ever heard them called 'Danishes' but if we are looking at one and aren't 100% sure that it's a Danish, we'll just generalize and call them "a pastry."

Language is funny.


Speaking of which, how come it's a Danish in English, but a Viennese in Finnish? And in Germany a Wiener is a sausage, not a pastry. *sound of head exploding


In Danish we name them after Wien (Vienna) too, it's just English which is being weird in relating them to us.


... and in some bits of germany a Wiener is a Frankfurter.


Is there a difference between a viineri and a dallaspulla or teksaspulla? It seems like the dallaspullat I ate in Finland were what I would consider a cheese Danish.


Ah you mean the things filled with quark? Yeah.


How much do these Danish cost? Makes sense in English too...


That is certainly a lot less ugly than danishes. We're onto plural nouns again.

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