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  5. "Is the jam all gone again?"

"Is the jam all gone again?"

Translation:Onko hillo taas loppu?

July 18, 2020


[deactivated user]

    taas loppu or loppu taas makes equal sense.


    Thats what I thought


    A bit confused here for not seeing the partitive. Is it maybe because the jam is all gone? I.e. it's not just some of the jam that is gone, but all of it?


    Not quite! "Hillo" is the subject of the sentence, so it's in nominative. If the question were a statement, it would be "Hillo on taas loppu". You can see, that the jam is the subject.

    I hope that helps, feel free to ask for more clarification!


    I think what they mean is why is loppu not in the partitive? We've seen sentences like "Tämä kiisseli on sinistä," where sininen went into partitive even though kiisseli was in nominative, so why does this sentence have "loppu" and not "loppua," or whatever the partitive form would be? Is loppu an adverb, perhaps, and never takes the partitive...? Or is there another explanation?

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