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"Quel est le nombre de pays en Europe ?"

Translation:What is the number of countries in Europe?

July 18, 2020



Would you ever say it like that in English? I can't imagine a situation where I wouldn't say "How many countries are there in Europe?"


I imagine your version is being accepted. If not, I think it should be reported.

The default translation is intentionally very literal to help us with reverse translation back into French. I'm sorry so many commenters don't grasp this basic fact of language education.


yes, 'how many countries are there in europe' was just accepted.

However it seems a more natural translation of this english sentence would use 'combien de pays y a-t-il...'. Is this construction common in french or is the construction Duo gives more common?


But languages never have a complete one to one correspondance of words and concepts, so the literal approach always fails to some degree. It's also completely normal in language teaching to learn at the level of equivalent phrases rather than equivalent words: tu me manque/I miss you, Je m'appelle/my name is, j'ai froid/I'm cold.


These latest lessons are pretty poor for the English element, I wonder whether we're learning French properly at this point...


Hi. Is this question asking how many countries there are in Europe?


Why is it "de" and not "des"?


More than 40!


Yep, 56 at the moment.


Intéressant. Je ne savais pas.


See, this time the singular verb (est) agrees with the singular subject (le nombre de pays). The last question with le grand nombre de gens had a plural verb (vivent).


Would the french really not ask 'How many countries are there in europe?' instead of this horrible construct ?

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yes, we say that ....and we are not ashamed ! ;-)


This is probably the simplest way to say it in French. The alternatives would be more cumbersome.

  • Existe- il combien de pays en Europe ?
  • Combien de pays y a-t-il en Europe ?
  • L'Europe, combien de pays compris-t-il ?

Those don't seem very good, but maybe someone can come up with something better.


could anyone tell us which is the more idiomatic french? combien de pays y a-t-il... comes more naturally/literally to me when i think of translating 'how many countries are there in europe' into french

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