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"I bought a white and pink bra."

Translation:J'ai acheté un soutien-gorge blanc et rose.

July 18, 2020



Since Eddy says this in the exercise, is he going to keep it in the same closet with his leather pants and whips? (Referring to the DL story, "I want to be like you," and assuming that the French version is like the Spanish one. Poor Junior!)


@SuhailBanister The lion tamer story is my FAVOURITE.


Why is the word gorge added to soutien? Is it a type of bra held by the throat?


I think it's sometimes the word the French use for bosom. Then it makes sense but I know it's also the word for throat. Maybe it's what French blokes used to say when their eyes were looking a bit further south!


does anyone know why " une " is wrong ?


"J'ai achetè un soutien-gorge rose et blanc." was marked wrong. Why is the order important?


Because "rose et blanc" means "pink and white", not "white and pink". There is no reason to switch them around.


I wonder if we normally but pink first and the French normally put white first because of alphabetical order?


The English translation would be pink and white. Not white and pink.


If Duo says "A et B", your translation should read "A and B". They never want you to reverse it.


This does sound more natural in English, but there is no hard grammatical rule for the order of colors....



I don't believe in order of adjectives period except as emphasis, but "white" does have a tendency to come last. This is probably due to its senses of clear, fair, and pure. However the same applies to French, and the relative frequencies are comparable, which strongly suggest your argument has no value to translation . . .


English adjective order is real, and can affect the meaning. The rules are quite elaborate. Native Anglophones pick them up without being taught, but it's something learners of English have to grapple with.


Where do i ask a question about what appears on this page

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