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"Le professeur distribue les documents aux élèves."

Translation:The teacher is handing out the documents to the students.

July 18, 2020



I used prof (as they had indicated they were interchangeable by marking an answer wrong earlier where they said professor but only accepted prof....) There isn't consistency here yet.



Here's 4 lingots and a upvote. I don't know why people would give downvotes for no reason. All you wrote was "me too" .


I wrote: The teacher is distributing the documents among the students. Not accepted. I taught English for 40 years but perhaps I should have taught Astrophysics or something else. I am so ignorant of my own language.


But did you teach French? My dictionary says that among = parmi. This sentence doesn't seem to say "among," no matter what our (unrelated to French translation) professions are.


No, but "distribue" translates as "is distributing". If you write "is distributing" then "among" is better than "to" here. "To hand out" seems more physical than "to distribute" so implying the passing of documents by hand. In this context it's okay, but distribute is not wrong.

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"Distributes" or "is distributing" is accepted. It's the use of "...among the students..." rather than "...to the students..." that was probably marked as incorrect.


when do you use eleves and when do you use etudiants?????


But in THIS case they reject "prof", where in another they required it. Amateur hour, Duo.


"the professor is passing out the documents to the students" rejected and reported april 12 2021


Duo is obviously a parrott in fancy dress. Actually i am furious!!!


I agree. And I am annoyed by their "my answer should be accepted" response because there is no way to add an explanation.


Add one in the "something else" section. You can have both boxes ticked. Besides, I think it's better they get an explanation than just a ticked box the majority of the time. Remind them of their lack of internal consistency and their inability to tell us what they want and why, because there are so few "hints" these days.


This voice is really irritating


NO, no, no. He said au élève not aux élèves. I listened to the slow mo and there was absolutely no elision.


The teacher is passing out the documents to the students. Rejected, but reported.


"The teacher is handing documents to the students" rejected

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