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"Ravintolassa on kuusi kokkia."

Translation:There are six cooks in the restaurant.

July 18, 2020



Again, really unnatural way to say this in English. Much better to say: The restaurant has six cooks.


"There are six cooks in the restaurant" could mean anything. Are they dining? Working?


The same ambiguity exists in the Finnish sentence as well. "The restaurant has six cooks" translates to something else, which is "Ravintolalla on kuusi kokkia".

[deactivated user]

    Yes literally but I'd say "The restaurant has six cooks." can also translate to "Ravintolassa on kuusi kokkia."

    [deactivated user]


      100% It would be so much easier to learn if the translations matched.


      Well, it depends if they are eating or visiting, where it would be fine, or cooking, where it might be a bit of an odd construction.

      Plus, one woulg grow concerned about the state of the broth.


      'In the restaurant there are six cooks.' should also be accepted


      Chef should be equally accepted herr


      in English I would say "at the restaurant" instead (assuming they mean working there), though a very literal translation would have that in a different case


      "Inside the restaurant are six cooks." Isn't that translated the same as 'Ravintolassa on kuusi kokkia.' ?

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