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"Il y a une seule taille, c'est une taille unique."

Translation:There is a single size; it's one size fits all.

July 18, 2020



The term "one-size-fits-all" should be hyphenated, even if Duo rarely cares about punctuation.


This seems to me a strange way of expressing it in English.... I get this one wrong every time (UK)


I suspect that it's trying to teach us the two different phrases in French: I would assume that « Il y a une seule taille ... » could also be followed with "...because all the other sizes are sold out." as opposed to here where it's because it only comes in one size! :)


I disagree. This sentence is obviously giving the definition of the phrase "une taille unique", which means "il y a une seule taille" is the definition of the phrase.

If one wants to say "there's only one size left", one may say "Il y a seulement une taille". Just my opinion.


The slow audio clips the end of the word "seule" making it unhelpful if not misleading.


There is only one size sounds more UK English than there is a single size.


Umm, it gave us only one one if you do with the word bank. Um that's a mistake so I went with "There is a size, It's one size fits all" PS It gave me the typo


Um you only need one one. Read the translation above.


Is "it's one size fits all" an idiom or can.you say "it's one fits-all size" or "it's one all-fits size" instead? (Using fits-all or all-fits as adjectives?) Thanks for any help


"one size fits all" is indeed idiomatic in English! :)


Thank you GrahamNdP


Neither of your suggestions works in English but Duo suggestion is also a little strange - I would just say "it's one size" or "its a single size".


Thank you tirene1


Tirene, your suggestions do not say that the "one size fits all", which is type of si


This whole section is pure hot trash


Duo seems to use two similar phrases for the English "one-size-fits-all". In some exercises it's expressed as "taille unique" and in others it's written as "une taille unique". Am I missing something or are the two forms just interchangeable? Thanks


"one size fits all" is a type of clothes measure (garment size) in American English. It is actually a grammatically correct sentence except the period is omitted.


Not just in American English - it's widely used here in South Africa too, and (I'm willing to bet) in many other English speaking places! :)


There's one single size, one size fits all. Rejected... as usual! I do understand there's a "c'est" in the French sentence, and you cannot really say it any other way, but I think it's not necessary in the English translation.


"it's one size fits all" is not grammatically correct and certainly not without hyphens. "it's one size that fits all" might be better, but there is absolutely no mention of fitting in the French


"one size fits all" is a type of measure in American English.

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