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Project: (Unofficial) Hindi Stories

Stories are a great way to improve learning a language and as there are no official translations from Duolingo for all languages yet, I started a community project to change that.

The (Unofficial) Duolingo Stories Project is there!

For Hindi we already have the first set of stories finished! And more are to come!

Currently we have with saanumathew, ABIB317, Sayooooooj, and Surya-Rose, already some great translators for the Hindi stories. But more translators also would allow to check stories for typos and allow to use to translate more stories. So tell us when you want to contribute.

The project is not a part of Duolingo, but we have the permission from Duolingo to use the stories for the project.

You can see, we have interactivity in the stories, just like the official stories.

July 18, 2020



I found these yesterday, and wow! I am really impressed! I'm looking forward to working my way through them. You did a great job. धन्यवाद!


कोई बात नहीं।


This looks excellent - thanks for the time well invested :-)


Awesome stuff!!! What prevents Duolingo incorporating these stories into their official application?


Well, they probably want to use their own code and their own structure, and not rely on a community code that may not fulfill all the high standards that Duolingo probably hopes to fulfill.


This is absolutly brilliant, please keep it up


Please finish. Stories helped me learn spanish so please do one for hindi.


Stupid question - is it possible to reset the password for the website? I cannot find a link...


Sorry, it is not yet possible. You can only create a new account :-| I focused more on the implementation of new storie features than a the user management.


Just a reminder to everyone, if anyone has any feedback about how we can improve, please say. That is the only way we can get better.


I noticed that story number 2 about dancing has audio for only about half of it. Not sure if that's on purpose to make my reading better, or by accident!


Hey Surya-Rose, The duolingo hindi story "Surprise!" is has some errors. When Arun's wife says that she is his wife, some of the word tips are false. मिलकर is to meet, but the tip says "I". आपसे 's tip says "nice to meet you," but it means something like "from you". मैं - means "I", but the tip says "Antonio's wife".

Thanks for having a place to report these things!

Here is the link to the story: https://carex.uber.space/stories/story.html?story=619


It should be fixed now, there is just a slight error with the translations for that type of question.


I cant access the stories after i make an account and click on a story it shows my a white page with nothing on it

[deactivated user]

    I'd be happy to contribute. How do I go about that? (native speaker)


    First you register at the unofficial story website and then you tell me here in the duolingo forum your username. Then I will sent you an invitation email and invite you to join our Discord server.


    These are great. Thank you so much!


    Hi. I enjoyed the stories I worked through. Thank you so much. In the first set, a blank page loads when I click on the links to Good Morning, One Thing, In The Closing Store, The Exam and Saturday Night.
    I didn’t try the other sets yet. Thank you :)


    Namaste, really enjoying these! I can't wait for Duolingo to start implementing stories for Hindi. So I went through the second set and only two of them are working: A Very Big Family and The Reservation. Also the title for The Reservation is translated as "expensive food". I will be back once I am through the other sets. Dhanyavad!


    This is a wonderful idea, but I can not activate my account. I made a new password and got the email. I hit the link to activate the account and I just get a white page. Nothing ever appears.


    I have tried several times, but no-go. Nothing works.


    Hi all, recently there was a problem with the activation of new registered users. I reworked the login process. Now it should work again. And users can now also reset their password if they forgot it.

    Also some of the Hindi stories did not work, they should be all fixed now.

    Recently I have been quite passive on the project. But I am now determined to revive it and hopefully will accept new volunteer in the near future. So stay tuned!


    Thanks, very kind of you!


    Hi Randriano. Thank you for your work on these. The links are not working for me. They just take me to a blank "not found" page. Could I be doing something wrong?

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