"Je doute que vous m'aidiez à faire les valises."

Translation:I doubt you will help me pack my suitcases.

July 18, 2020

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Why is it "my suitcases" (instead of the suitcases) when the prompt says "... à faire les valises"?


Because in this context "à faire les valises" means "to pack my suitcases". That's what the typical usage is in the two languages. It is easier to see that if you are not trying to match individual words.


Then how would you say in French "to do the packing"? My daughter packs for herself and her three children. I don't think she's unique.


I think you would say it the same way. It is often the case that you use the same phrase for things that are not exactly the same. You usually know the intention by the context.


Then why do they insist that this sentence state MY suitcases, when the speaker might be packing several people's suitcases and asking someone for help?


Are they "insisting"? If you are given the original French as written above and you offer an otherwise correct English translation that uses "the" instead of "my", and it is marked wrong, then you probably should report it.

The OP was asking why the translation didn't use "the", implying that "my" is incorrect. Which it isn't. But that doesn't mean "the" is incorrect either.


You often don't use possesive pronouns in French. I hated that Duo used them heavily in the earlier lessons.


help me TO pack?


That does not sound natural in English, although it would be understood. I know, it SHOULD be to pack, but most people leave out the TO.


"I doubt you'll help me pack the suitcases" is accepted.


"faire les valises" means"pack." You don't need "my suitcases" in this translation.


"mes valises" since more than one person is involved?


Not because of more than one person, because of more then one suitcase.


I doubt that you would help me pack my bags. is accepted


Could the French also mean "pack the luggage" in English?


Where did you find this latest female enunciator? Her clarity leaves a lot to be desired.

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