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  5. "You are growing really fast."

"You are growing really fast."

Translation:Te kasvatte todella nopeasti.

July 18, 2020



The exercise should specify that the you is plural


Exactly my thought


Confused me to, I thought it was about a singular person.


How can I understand that 'you' here should be in plural?


I wish I could learn Finnish from German, not from English. In German I would have known they meant the plural.


there is no indication in the English as to singular/plural, familiar/formal


I do not want to find the correct answer by process of elimination, i.e. the other two sentences do not contain the right words or verbforms. What I want is to understand how to differentiate whether singular or plural is meant! (Never thought I'd say this but... Finnish is easier in this case!)


There is no indication in English as to singular/plural, familiar/formal whatsoever.


(sinä) kasvat nopeasti should be correct as well


It definitely should be correct, so long as tosi or todella is included.


Any difference between fast the adverb and fast the adjective? Like if i can say: you grow fast = kasvat nopeasti can i also say: the fast dog = nopeasti koira?


Nope. "Nopeasti" is only an adverb and "nopea" is only an adjective. But it should be kept in mind that English and Finnish use adverbs and adjectives differently sometimes. For instance, the phrase "you are correct" uses an adjective in the predicative, but the Finnish translation, "(sinä/te) olet(te) oikeassa", uses an adverb and thus has an adverbial instead of a predicative.


I said "oikein" instead of "todella", which means much the same thing, doesn't it? It's too bad the system can't credit me for knowing words that haven't been part of the lesson yet.

If there are any native speakers here - would there be any significant difference in meaning between "todella nopeasti" and "oikein nopeasti"?

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