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"– Why are you crying? – (sob) I am so happy."

Translation:– Miksi sinä itket? – (nyyh) Minä olen niin onnellinen.

July 18, 2020



The nyyh part is just annoying, with no learning value. Please remove.


I've got something weird. My answer was accepted, but with the warning:

You have an extra space. –Miksisinä itket? –(nyyh) Olen niin onnellinen.

I kind of reported it, but the only suitable option was "something else went wrong", don't know if it's going to be clear enough, so explaining it here.


Same, except I left out 'sinä' so the 'correction' is 'Miksiitket?'


Minä is not required here. It is acceptable without it.


Sina not mandatory, mina not mandatory, iloinen should be accepted. Multiple reports from me.

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